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In order for me to increase your strengths and reduce weakness as an actor, voice talent, performer or public speaker. You and I need to spend some time one on one. With the Voices Carey Method you're never alone. You'll get a system that you can carry with you every time you perform.

The Voices Carey Method

  • Engage, involve and hold the listener
  • Visualize and construct a rich scene
  • Create a compelling character

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Other than your look, what is your greatest asset as an actor? Your voice. The Voice Carey seminar will introduce you to a real voice acting method. It takes talent, directability, training, an ear and imagination to create a dynamic character and scene in a virtual vacuum. Learn how. This course is ideal for ALL acrtors.

The Voices Carey Seminar

  • Be a character, not a voice
  • Understand structure and thematic statement
  • Build emotional subtext

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