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Image is the biggest little five-letter word in marketing.

It doesn’t matter what you think your image is, what matters is what your customers think. Appearance is reality to them. In terms of image, style is substance.  

Proper creative branding of your product or service is job one. Customers must first know who you are. Then, they must know what you can do for them and why. Attraction to your product or service is then created by entertaining exposure.  


The contemporary marketing climate is ever-changing. You can’t keep up. You don’t have the time. You may not have the team. We can. It’s what we do. And we don’t just keep up. We stay ahead of the curve. Let us stay ahead for you with our creative boutique providing first-quality bottom to top creative for companies large and small. Our team offers one-stop shopping for total concept, branding, writing, casting, production and marketing across all media.

Voices Carey is a full service creative company. From original concept to finished product for all media. We specialize in unique, signature ads and image building for companies of all sizes.

We bring our big company background to small and medium companies too. Because we are a lean operation and keep overhead low, we bring the same knowledge, experience and creativity to small and medium sized clients as well. So, you get the same world-class, contemporary creative marketing to fit your budget.

If you are marketing a new product, then the primary job becomes branding and image building. First and foremost. Using a combination of various media, new and established, we build an appealing, intriguing image. Through exposure to your brand, using our unique, creative process and new marketing techniques. We have people on our team who do nothing but search new avenues. They’re constantly exploring new marketing, updating web search protocols day and night, extending our marketing reach and power.  

Once the right image is built, the product sells itself without hype. Look at Nike running shoes. Their ads are never about price, item, or value. It’s all about image. It’s the attitude, “We’re cool and if you wear our shoes, you’ll be cool too.” They have an established, rock-solid, cool image. After that, it’s easy. Half the time, when you see a new ad you don’t even know its Nike until the end when you see the swoosh logo. What used to be called institutional advertising. In short, image building and reinforcement. 

If your product is already established, we work to strengthen your image, then ingrain it in existing consumer’s consciousness, expose it to a new, broader, qualified audience and customer base. 

People’s attention is fragmented today. We are constantly bombarded by light, sound and image, all competing for our attention. Messages are easily lost and money and effort are wasted. Use your resources wisely. If you want your message to be heard, seen and make an impression, it had better be compelling, unique and engaging. It had better engage and hold the interest of the audience. If you want to break through the clutter of competing stimuli, let VC’s creative boutique develop a unique image and a compelling marketing campaign for you.


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