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Voices Carey is a full service creative company, led by Bruce Carey with over 30 years in creative services and production. We specialize in unique, signature ads and image building for companies of all sizes. From original concept to finished product for all media. Bringing our big company background to small and medium operations like yours, we keep overhead low. So, you get the same world-class, knowledge, experience and contemporary creative to fit your budget.

Creative Services
Voices Carey is also a boutique with first-quality bottom to top creative for all media. Our team provides a one-stop shop for total concept, writing, casting, production and direction.
The contemporary marketing climate is ever-changing. You can’t keep up. You don’t have the time. You may not have the team. We can. It’s what we do. And we don’t just keep up. We stay ahead of the curve. Let us stay ahead for you. Voices Carey. We’ll take it from here.

We’ve recorded and produced literally thousands of commercials and narrations. Casting voice actors. Recording. Staying on top of the latest technology. We’ve listened to what our clients want, done this a lot and have it figured out. View Voices Carey Clients.

Studio Services
We’re a first quality, full-blown, commercial digital audio recording studio. Providing complete production of TV and radio commercials, web media, narration, audio books, phone casting, store casting, training DVDs and anime. We feature knowledgeable engineers and highest quality recording. We use world-class Neumann and Lawson Gold microphones exclusively. ISDN connections are available for global production reach. FTP upload and download services. We’re also available 24 hours for our international clients.

A good director can pull performances out of talent even they didn’t know they had in them. This can make all the difference in your finished product. Bruce Carey has been coaching voice actors for years and has developed the Voices Carey Method, a unique way of interpreting your copy for maximum impact.


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